Stress and fear

               How do you react under stress, in a stressful situation or when you fear of something?

              Fear… one of the most common emotions that a human being is experiencing along it’s life. It is the first one that we feel, when we born and it is the last one too, when we die. Although we feel it everyday more or less, we never really learn how to get over it or at least how to manage it.

              In my opinion, the best thing that we can do about it is to embrace it and to fully feel it. Sometimes it can help us and sometimes it does the opposite thing, because of the adrenaline that is released in our body which can either help us fight or it freezes us.

               I like to watch people’s reactions in these circumstances because this way I can really get to know them. When we feel stressed, we tend to let out our ‘dark side’. Most of the times we do not think clear anymore and we do and say things that might feel bad about it shortly, but the truth is that those things that we say and do are the ones that really define our personality.

               I, for one, had been exercising to hide this emotion since I played chess because my teacher told me that if my opponent sees the fear in my eyes, he has already won the match. I do feel it, but I do not let it to come out, to be seen.

               When I am alone and I feel stressed about something, I usually like to listen to classic music and drink a glass of wine while I am laying on the bed. When I am with somebody I make jokes and I change the subject so I won’t think about it until I clear my mind.

               Now the tricky thing is that I do not feel like doing that anymore. I feel like telling you guys about it and I do not know why, especially since I am the type of person that doesn’t like to share his problems. Usually I like to shrank into myself and deal with it alone.

               My problem is that…well I told you that I have some problems at school and the truth is that I am not that worried about them because I have a better option. I am competing for a job, a pretty awesome one and I just got an email which says that in a few days I have to go in Bucharest and take one of the exams. So, yeah, it’s a big deal, I bet all my money on this job and now I finally get to see if I will get it or not.

               I was going to tell you about something else today but when I received that email my entire mood changed and I just felt like talking about this. So, have you ever been in such a situation? If yes, let me know how you dealt with it, maybe it is going to help me.

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