Being a pilot

               I am 10 and I have the entire life ahead of me. Just a child trying to find his own way in a life full of obstacles and challenges. I am not yet able to think clearly for myself, all I can do is just to observe others and copy their behavior, their mentality and their path.

               One morning I woke up and I said ‘I want to become a pilot, like my daddy’ and so I did my best to follow this dream.

               From what my dad told me, he dreamed to become a pilot since he was a kid, like I did. The difference between the two of us was that he never thought about something else. He was like ‘this is my way in life and I have to follow it no matter what’, while I was having second thoughts when I heard about other cool jobs.

               Enjoying and being good at math, physics and chemistry was a huge advantage for him. Although in Romania it was still the communism period and the pieces of information were not easy to be found, he read more books about rockets and aircrafts than I read about anything.

               When I was about 13 me and him tried a couple of times to make a rocket, like he did a few times when he was around my age. The hardest part to get was the fuel, because in Romania it is forbidden to buy or possess gunpowder. So, having nowhere to buy it from, we had to make it at home. As I said, chemistry was one of his strength.

               Of course, my mom never agreed to let us do it. That’s why we always fought when me and my brother (usually with the help of our father) made this rocket, improvised mini-bombs and so on…but I’m getting off topic.

               The point is that being a pilot is not that easy. Beside physical strength, you have to have a sharp mind, to think fast and clear in stressful situations. Not being able to do that, it would be a suicidal job.

               He had a few incidents, but I will never forget one night when I was 9. My dad and mom (she works as an air traffic controller) were working late at night again, while I was at home with my brother. As far as I can remember, me and my brother suddenly heard a loud noise outside, like an explosion. We went at the window but we couldn’t see anything. We called our mother to see if she knows what happened, but she was not answering…

               After a few minutes that seemed like hours, my mom called us. She told us that our dad won’t come home tonight and she neither, but we have nothing to worry about.

               The truth is that our father was heavily injured. He was flying at 6.500m altitude with a speed of 850 km/h, when an UFO (unidentified flying object) went through the cockpit windshield and broke his mask, injuring his right eye.

               Being afraid to do more damage to his eye, he moved them no more. He was only moving his head, always looking straight ahead.

               He contacted the tower (where my mom was), and calmly asked for an emergency landing, not saying the reason for that call. He was so calm that even she didn’t suspect a thing at first, until he successfully landed without a cockpit windshield, mask and an injured eye (you can see more details about it on–33077.html or other sites).

               It’s a tough job but I liked the idea of doing it and I tried to follow this path for as long as I could.

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