Magic Tricks

               ‘Bro, let me show you a magic trick’.

               This was one of the moments that changed my entire course of life.

               My brother came home for a weekend and he told me this thing. At that time I didn’t even know what a magic trick is. He pulled a deck of cards out of his pocket, gave it a good shuffle, flipped the first card, bended it so it would be different from the others, put it in the middle of the deck and when he snapped his fingers the bended card appeared on top of the deck. I couldn’t believe my eyes, it really was magic! He showed me a couple more tricks which made my child’s soul tickle.

               After a few hours of begging him to show me how he did it, he finally explained to me one of them. I was so upset because I let my mind to be fooled by just a simple trick and in the same time I realized that ‘magic’ actually means ‘lack of knowledge’.

               Although I was upset, I was still curious because after all I only knew one of his tricks, not all of them and I was really lucky because he didn’t explain all of them to me. He said ‘I’ll do it one more time, pay attention and try to think how I did it.’

               This thing really helped me in time because it trained my eyes to see all the details and made me think more logically. After figuring out his tricks I wanted to do them myself so I started to exercise. At first, I couldn’t even hold the deck in my hands, I felt like they were so big and to slippery but after a few days I finally managed to do my first magic trick.

               Some magicians are training in front of the mirror and this is one of the best way to do it. Luckily for me and my brother, we have something much better. We have a dad who instead of making us happy by lying, he prefers to make us…well, let’s say less happy by telling us the truth…and he really has quick eyes. So, every time we learned a new magic trick we first tried to see if we can fool him. If we could, then we really had mastered the trick and we could even fool Penn&Teller.

               Shortly I ended up looking for hours at videos of Criss Angel, Dynamo and so on, trying to figure their tricks out. After some months of studying this art I even managed to create one. Now that I think about it, it’s not that good but still, it is MY magic trick.

               I started to entertain my friends with what I knew and they were amazed which made my desire to know grow more and more. First thing they said about me every time they introduced me to someone knew, was that I’m a magician and everyone wanted me to show them a trick. That’s why in time I learned about psychology, I learned how to influence people to think of something or to want something. I even tried hypnosis but this one didn’t really work out.

               In time, these abilities helped me a lot. It’s easy to entertain others, to meet new people and to socialize with complete strangers. When I grew older I even did magic tricks for free drinks and an important thing is that they helped me to get closer to a girl’s heart…which was going to change again my visions about life and all that crap, but that’s a story to be told another time.

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