The fight

               Luckily for me, when I was young me and my brother were fighting all day long, especially Saturday in the morning.

               My parents had a pretty tiring schedule and there were times when they came from work Friday at 11 pm. At first, when we had these fights in the morning, my mom would wake up and come to settle the things using words.

               After a few times, when she realized that this approach was taking too long, she just came in our room, slapped both of us and then went back to sleep.

               I said luckily for me, because fighting with a bigger opponent (my brother is 5 years older than me) you always learn something new.

               Being the new kid made me feel like I’m always watched and analyzed by others and this puted more pressure on my shoulders.       

               One day, that pressure, combined with the fact that I’m impulsive made me take a dumb decision when I saw one of my colleagues searching for something in my pencil case without my approval.

               I won’t get into details about how I reacted on the spot, because what is important is that after school we scheduled a fight. Yeap, you can imagine how stupid I am, thinking of the fact that I fought with a guy just because he tried to steal a pen from me…

               So, during classes I couldn’t focus on nothing else except the fight that was going to come. I was thinking at thousands of scenarios, since I had no friends there and there was no one to back me up in case his friends were going to get involved.

               He did try a few times to tell me that it’s a stupid idea to fight over something so meaningless, but at the time I was blind and I couldn’t think straight and more than that, when I put something on my mind, I do it no matter what. This is another flaw that I have to rectify.

               After school, we packed our things up and we went to the ‘battle ground’. It was somewhere behind some buildings, where no one could stop the fight. It was me, him and around 50 other kids.

               It was a rainy day, but right before the end of classes, the rain stopped. When I went outside I could feel the wet grass and it’s fresh smell. It was like the fight was over before it even started. And it actually was.

               On our way to that place, I saw my opponent talking normally to his friends, like nothing was going to happen. He was calm and his mind was clear, while I was getting mad just by seeing that he’s not afraid or under stress.

               Now the tricky thing is that he is short, but not quite a midget. Think of Kevin Hart but smaller with a few cm.

               I can’t remember exactly the entire fight, but what I remember is that he was all over the place! He even rolled between my legs and then jumped on my back punching me in the head.

               It didn’t last long, because as I said before, he won before our fight had even started.

               After that, I realized how stupid and what a loser I was, and I was ashamed of myself, especially because the next day he came to me and said to let everything in the past.

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