The squad

               Craziness is one of the few things that helps us face the tough reality. Without it, we would go crazy.

               At some point, while I was in the 7th grade, I managed to get together some kind of a squad. It was me, Ron and James.

               James was one of the rich kids, while Ron was one of the smart guys. What we all 3 had in common, was that we all were crazier than the others and this made us stick together for a long time.

               As a child, I was constantly looking for fun, but I was not like the rest of kids, playing football, basketball, etc. I needed to feel the adrenalin that would made my heart pop out of my chest, so I was trying to put myself in situations which would help me achieve this satisfaction

               Going in people’s gardens was one of the many things that we’ve done together. We were going there to take some apples, because they were still green and vinegarish, just how I like them.

               One day, me and Ron jumped in a garden, thinking there’s no one in the house. We played for a while there and after that we grabbed a few apples, jumped over the fence and walked like 100m to keep the distance from „the crime scene”.

               While we were sitting on the edge of the sidewalk, I saw a black car leaving from the house vis-a-vis from the one in which we went in. At first, I thought nothing, but when I saw it coming right towards us, I started to panic.

               I grabbed Ron by his shirt and told him to run. That car was really chasing us. Suddenly I told Ron „straight ahead and then left”… I don’t know how, but he heard just „left”… After a few meters I looked back and he was no longer beside me, and I couldn’t see the car neither.

               I heard a loud screech which made me freeze for a second. After I managed to get my crap together and I went where the car stopped it was already too late. The driver grabbed Ron and put him in the car, trying to get him at the police station. I had nothing left to do beside running as far as I could.

               After a few minutes, Ron called me and asked me about my position. My first thought was that he’s at the police station and they want to find me too, so I hanged up. I was afraid.

               After a few seconds I managed to calm myself a little bit and I called him back, trying to figure out, by the tone of his voice, if he’s lying to me or not. I decided to trust him, because I considered him a friend that would not betray me so we set a rendezvous.

               When I got there, I kept the distance for a bit. I was hiding behind a building, to see if he’s really alone or not. Luckily he was.

               My first concern was how he managed to get away and after smoking a cigarette to calm himself, he told me. When the car was in a roundabout, he jumped from the car, it’s speed not being so high.

               I was like „no, really, how did u get away”. Still shaking for a bit, he looked me dead in the eyes and said „dude. Don’t I look serious enough?! „

               For most people, especially at that age, this experience would be enough to make them stop doing these things. For us…well, we just felt the taste of it.

               Breaking in school at night, going in abandoned houses, getting chased again by another car (this time we all got caught), climbing on a metallic scaffold up to 8th floor and jumping in someone’s balcony were just some of the things that I can remember in a heart beat.

               Fortunately, somehow, I got away every single time and now I am a changed man. I realized how stupid and what a loser I was and I decided to change myself!

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